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A love and passion for all things travel was the beginning. In 1972 Laurie Rusin, Owner and President of LXR Travel began her stellar and recognized career in the travel industry. Her career experience includes airlines, meetings and conventions, large regional TMC account management and executive titles. In 2007 Laurie had a macro view of the direction the travel industry was headed. Digital technology was continuing its rapid growth and artificial intelligence allows for vendors to cull traveler habits and preferences in order to market and price their offerings. Procurement continues to watch out for the bottom line of the company’s financial capital and cost was/is a major factor to the leisure traveler. However, in today’s world a travel program must address their most important asset of all - Human Capital.

LXR Travel LLC was formed in December 2007 with affiliations, technology, networks and incredible people to offer mega agency services with concierge and personal service. Travel is a relationship business much more than it is a commodity. Duty of care, risk management, door-to-door support, traveler satisfaction and ongoing consultative and collaborative thinking to keep any travel program best in class.

Client satisfaction and referrals are responsible for our incredible, rapid growth. In 2011, Erik Rusin, second generation family, joined LXR Travel to ensure that LXR Travel remains forward thinking, adaptable and excels in every service offering now and into the future.

All LXR Travel Leisure agents are Virtuoso Certified Travel Agents (VCTA).

Meet The Team

Erik Rusin

Minority Partner, Vice President Business Development
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Laurie Rusin

Majority Partner, President
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